Terms, Rules, & Conditions

These are the rules and requirements you must follow on my site. I will not be happy if you break any of these. If there is something you'd like to ask please email me. Also, these are subject to change at any time; so please check these terms often. Thank you.

You cannot...

... take any of my site graphics for any reason.
... take my dolls and say they are your own.
... alter or take parts from my dolls and create another doll
... use any of my dolls/graphics for your layout.
... direct link ANYTHING from my site. If you are caught doing this, my hostess will hunt you down and kill you.
... adopt any doll or graphic that clearly says you cannot adopt it.

You can...

... adopt one of my dolls that is "adoptable." Please display a link to Salem Dolls on the page of the adoption.